The Conference of Freight Counsel is an association of attorneys in private and in-house practice in the United States, Mexico and Canada representing motor, rail, ocean and air freight carriers, brokers and forwarders in cargo claim and freight charge disputes.

CFC provides members the opportunity to keep up with the latest legal developments on freight claim and freight charge issues and to network electronically and in person with similarly-situated attorneys for the exchange of information and ideas.

All members receive the organization’s private Membership Roster and meeting materials (a comprehensive set of summaries of recent court decisions in our field of interest, along with copies of each summarized decision) and are included in email exchanges through which one may pose a question, share one’s knowledge or simply learn from others with relevant experience.

CFC holds two meetings a year, typically in early to mid-January and early to mid-June. Meetings and materials are open to members only.

If you are interested in joining the Conference of Freight Counsel, please contact us for more information.